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MAXX Ice Systems

Established in 1990, incorporated in 1992, McGarvey Heating, Inc. has been a leader in their industry since the beginning. We built our own refrigerant recovery machines before we ever heard of "Global Warming". Once again, with MAXX Ice Systems we are quickly becoming the leader in "Food Service Safety"



All of our employees are background checked, drug tested, safety trained & certified in all aspects of Ice Machine food safety, cross-contamination hazards, chemical handling & customer service



Our vehicles are specifically designed for clean and sanitary tools & equipment. They are never used for anything other than working on high-end commercial ice systems


All of our tools are cleaned and sanitized before & after each use. They are strictly used for maintenance on ice systems only. The tools & chemicals used are approved and very unique to our procedures.

If you live in or close to this Alliance, Ohio zip code, give us a call. We would love to help you with your commercial ice systems!



On the north side, the historic downtown area has seen the development of the international headquarters of the Cat Fancier's Association and their associated CFA Foundation. The Downtown Farmers' Market has been a tremendous success, as has the Downtown Summer Concert Series. Arts in Stark has chosen downtown Alliance as a focus for renewal over the next decade in the areas of art, culture, entertainment, and retail. The renovated Martin Luther King Bridge stands out as a major connector and tribute to Dr. King as well as Alliance's historical link to the railroad. The future is bright for the renaissance of the downtown region.


"90% of all breakdowns are due to lack of proper maintenance"!

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