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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Why should I have my machine service regularly?
    90% of all breakdowns are due to lack of maintenance. Investing in regular service extends the life of your machine by years.
  • How would receiving a "certificate of cleaning" benefit?"
    Having a certificate shows you customers that you care about them and their food safety. It is not required, but it will help with the Health Department visit.
  • Do you provide a continued maintenance service?
    Yes! it is the best way to go! Once a machine has been thoroughly cleaned, it takes about 1/3 less time to clean if done within 120 days. Maintenance programs are based on physical location to ensure lowest cost.
  • What are some of the industries you work with?
    Wherever you use ice, we make sure it's nice! We love working with: Restaurants Schools Institutions HealthCare Sports Venues Concessions
  • Why can't I just do this myself?
    An untrained person can easily damage, or improperly reassemble the parts that need to be removed for a proper cleaning. It is not easy to access all of the components as well.
  • The lid is rarely open for long, how can it get so dirty/contaminated"
    Ice machines are the perfect filter. The falling water picks up airborne contaminants. Once of the most common is "human dander". The dust of our dead skin cells are one of the most evident biological thing we find. Once the lid is closed, a vacuum occurs pulling more contaminents in and sealing them with the ice.
  • If it's frozen, the bacteria can't survive...right?"
    Wrong - People assume that ice, because it is frozen, cannot become contaminated but it is important you as an ice maker owner are aware of how important it is to keep it clean in order to avoid people becoming ill. E. coli and norovirus are a few of the illnesses people can become ill with. One study in Chicago in 2007 conducted in December took 50 restaurant and hotel bar samples of ice. This study found that 1/5 of the institutions had dirty ice that were contaminated with fecal matter. Plastic tubing in ice makers and soda machines have sugar and other fluids clog and build up in there. They can make it easier for pathogen’s to live and if they are ingested a person may get sick due to lack of proper cleaning. Not as dire or harmful, but still a risk is the possibility of your ice maker breaking down. Just like any other appliance, once it gets too dirty it can break down momentarily or permanently because of all the buildup or rust it may cause.
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